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Neighborhood: Whiteford

Whiteford is located off of US 378 at Whiteford Way.  Another entrance to the neighborhood is located off of North Lake Drive at Whiteford Way.

Within Lexington School District One, the children of Whiteford attend Midway Elementary (Grades K-4), Lexington Intermediate (Grades 5-6), Lexington Middle (Grades 7-8), and Lexington High (Grades 9-12).

This map shows the location of Whiteford in Lexington, SC.  Click "Satellite" to see satellite imagery. Use the "+" button to zoom in for a closer view or double-click on the map where you want to zoom in.


Whiteford Street View Virtual Tour - use the arrows to navigate through the neighborhood, hold your left mouse button to rotate the camera, and even zoom in/out.  Click "Show Map" to display and change your location if desired. (by


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Recent property sales in Whiteford:

  • 9/19/2008 - 635 Queenland Court, Lexington, from Misty Clare to George M. McFadden, $188,000
  • 6/27/2008 - 309 Gemstone Court, Lexington, from Wesley A. Pellum to Russell D. and Sarah H. Compton, $145,500
  • 4/18/2008 - 727 Beckley Court, Lexington, from Nancy H. and James W. Harris Jr. to Charles and Melanie Barber, $215,000
  • 4/18/2008 - 105 Whiteford Court, Lexington, from Devona L. and Joel Z. Price Jr. to Jason J. and Jan R. Cook, $203,000
  • 3/24/2008 - 452 Whiteford Way, Lexington, from Wilberg and Maria Morales to William S. and Laverne S. McMurphy, $192,000
  • 2/22/2008 - 428 Saddlebrook Road, Lexington, from James P. and Lisa C. Barrett to Steven R. and Kristina L. Taylor, $165,000
  • 1/18/2008 - 485 Whiteford Way, Lexington 29072, from Bernard Keels and Sharon D. Keels to Chong Ye Johnson, $149,500
  • 12/19/2007 - 169 Silverstone Road, Lexington 29072, from Robert Steve White and Rosie C. White to Michael C. Marsh and Crystal Marsh, $199,900
  • 9/14/2007 - 414 Malton Court, Lexington 29072, from J. Nicole Mabe to Tim Berendsen, $143,500
  • 8/14/2007 - 401 Saddlebrooke Road, Lexington 29072, from Stephen V. Harbin and Marie M. Harbin to Jason R. Gandy and Leigh Ann Gandy, $175,000
  • 7/30/2007 - 436 Whiteford Way, Lexington 29072, from Ray Scott Martray and Mary Catherine Martray to Daniel J. Muzzio, $179,620
  • 7/25/2007 - 410 Malton Court, Lexington 29072, from Kimberlie Grant to Leslie A. Vietz, $129,900 
  • 7/17/2007 - 305 Whiteford Way, Lexington 29072, from John F. Newman Jr. and Sharon C. Newman to Kathleen A. Culbert, $224,000 
  • 7/11/2007 - 238 Tarrington Circle, Lexington 29072, from Larry Edward Kaminer to Benjamin Peloso IV, $158,704
  • 6/27/2007 - 205 Myles Court, Lexington 29072, from Mikeal W. Schacht and Diane E. Schacht to David M. Holmes and Robin G. Holmes, $195,900 


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