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Neighborhood: Mallard Lakes

Mallard Lakes is located off of Sunset Blvd at Mallard Lakes Drive.  The other roads in the neighborhood include Deerglade Court, Deerglade Run, East Sparrowood Run, Fox Chase, Fox Ridge Run, Mallard Lakes Court, Owls Roost Run, and West Sparrowood Run.  There are approximately 125 homes in this neighborhood.

Within Lexington School District One, the children of Mallard Lakes attend Lexington Elementary (Grades K-5), Lexington Middle (Grades 6-8), and Lexington High (Grades 9-12).

This map shows the location of Mallard Lakes in Lexington, SC.  Click "Satellite" to see satellite imagery. Use the "+" button to zoom in for a closer view or double-click on the map where you want to zoom in.


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Recent property sales in Mallard Lakes:

  • 7/10/2008 - 113 Mallard Lakes Court, Lexington, from Shaun M. and Jessica H. Payne to William J. Long, $163,900
  • 4/18/2008 - 121 Foxridge Run, Lexington, from Nicholas B. Turner to Kimberly C. and William C. Swett, $135,000
  • 2/14/2008 - 104 Deerglade Run, Lexington, from Marcus H. Barnes to Daniel and Pamela Cunningham, $115,000
  • 1/31/2008 - 136 East Sparrowood Run, Lexington 29072, from Joseph Hardee and D. Shayne Hardee to Benjamin A. Johnson and Janet N. Johnson, $152,000
  • 1/17/2008 - 121 East Sparrowood Run, Lexington 29072, from Michael R. Sharpe and Cassandra F. Sharpe to Lucas C. Hummers, $134,500
  • 10/31/2007 - 104 West Sparrowood Run, Lexington 29072, from Dawn H. Roland and Jason K. Roland to Derek P. Shumpert, $130,000
  • 7/31/2007 - 104 Owls Roost Run, Lexington 29072, from Heather White Mays to Timothy Alan Broome Jr. and Holly Broome, $138,000
  • 7/30/2007 - 113 East Sparrowood Run, Lexington 29072, from Mary D. McMillan to Emilee Ann White, $137,500 


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