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Neighborhood: Creek Side Farm

Creek Side Farm is located off of Corley Street at Hayfield Lane.  Other roads in the neighborhood include Creek Side Court, Creek Side Lane, Dove Cote Lane, Farm House Court, Farmhouse Loop, Hayfield Court, Meadow Place, Old Barn Court, and Old Field Court. 

Within Lexington School District One, the children of Creek Side Farm attend Lexington Elementary (Grades K-5), Lexington Middle (Grades 6-8), and Lexington High (Grades 9-12).

This map shows the location of Creek Side Farm in Lexington, SC.  Click "Satellite" to see satellite imagery. Use the "+" button to zoom in for a closer view or double-click on the map where you want to zoom in.



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Recent property sales in Creek Side Farm:

  • 9/5/2008 - 105 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from Jeffrey W. and Cindy E. Damico to Jeffrey A. and Fonda G. Hyde, $162,000
  • 7/25/2008 - 220 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from Erling L. Fredrickson Jr. to Lucas J. Odom and Shannon Swords, $127,500
  • 7/15/2008 - 400 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from Mark and Theresa Murphy to Lara H. Osteen, $139,900
  • 5/29/2008 - 200 Creekside Lane, Lexington, from Christopher W. Trotter and Pamela A. Cirlot to Nicholas and Alexandria Gillcrese, $155,470
  • 5/8/2008 - 340 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from Johnny and Chau M. Soukhathivong to Kristin E. Outlaw, $157,500
  • 5/1/2008 - 109 Creekside Court, Lexington, from Ronald A. and Deborak S. Williams to Robert and Sandra Ashley, $171,000
  • 4/11/2008 - 408 Creek Side Lane, Lexington, from Rhonda M. and Steven A. Booth to Jarrett L. and Jacquelyn Perugini, $148,000
  • 3/31/2008 - 104 Creek Side Court, Lexington, from Ernest M. Boughman III to Gale D. Boughman, $142,000
  • 3/26/2008 - 109 Dove Cote Lane, Lexington, from David T. and Susan B. Unger to Travis J. Reed, $134,000
  • 3/14/2008 - 305 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from Michael P. OLaughlin to Annette T. Crawford, $137,000
  • 2/29/2008 - 213 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington, from C. Edward Crumpton Jr. to Jason K. and McInnis Bonds White, $134,900
  • 1/15/2008 - 400 Hayfield Lane, Lexington 29072, from Travis Mason to Jerry A. Werries and Virginia A. Werries, $168,000
  • 12/7/2007 - 105 Old Field Court, Lexington 29072, from Yun Jung Lee Poungthana and Thongla Poungthana to Maria N. Goff and Brian H. Goff, $160,000
  • 9/28/2007 - 401 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington 29072, from Howard S. Denny III and Sabra S. Denny to Kendall Glenn Beach, $150,000
  • 9/28/2007 - 112 Hayfield Court, Lexington 29072, from Herbert F. Brown III and Angela Q. Brown to Mary A. Robinson, $143,500
  • 7/25/2007 - 113 Old Field Court, Lexington 29072, from Marsha L. Price to John R. Thomas, $145,000
  • 7/12/2007 - 104 Dove Cote Lane, Lexington 29072, from Thomas C. Harrison and Toni M. Harrison to Jennifer L. Curran, $146,000
  • 7/11/2007 - 214 Farmhouse Loop, Lexington 29072, from Kelly Moore to Clyburn Davis, $121,000 


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