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Neighborhood: Cinnamon Hills

Within Lexington School District One, the children of Cinnamon Hills attend Lexington Elementary (Grades K-5), Lexington Middle (Grades 6-8), and Lexington High (Grades 9-12).

This map shows the location of Cinnamon Hills in Lexington, SC.  Click "Satellite" to see satellite imagery. Use the "+" button to zoom in for a closer view or double-click on the map where you want to zoom in.



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Recent property sales in Cinnamon Hills:

  • 1/31/2008 - 238 Cinnamon Hills Lane, Lexington 29072, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to Steven A. Gantt Jr. and Steven A. Gantt, $144,000
  • 6/2/2007 - 229 Cinnamon Hills Lane, Lexington 29072, from BB&B Builders Inc. to Frances Jones and Kevin W. Jones, $142,900


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